Why hire a wedding planner in Spain?

Im back!! Wedding season 2013 has now finished for me and I cant believe I havent blogged since July. It has been a whirlwind of a season for me, but a huge success. I honestly feel blessed for having met some amazing and genuine people. I have worked VERY hard and shared tears and laughter with my lovely couples. It has been a real honour for me to have been a small part of ALL your wedding days :)
Today I thought I would share Stephanie and Richards wedding with you.  The organisation of this wedding in Marbella was plain sailing and Stephanie and Richard were a really sweet and young couple from Ireland who were a joy to be round. I really felt like a real Mother Hen with this couple :)  I say plain sailing  – that was until a week before the wedding – when I received a call from the hotel  (I wont go into the ins and outs) but I received a hotel from the hotel basically saying they had double booked the wedding date. This call came to me on a Friday afternoon and what did I do?, the true professional that I am? I cried my eyes out and called my Mum!  Every wedding I help with, I put my heart and soul into, so to say I was devastated for the couple was an understatement. Once I pulled myself together, I drove to the venue and cried some more with the Event Manager, who I have to say, was almost in tears too. This was clearly a decision made by the Hotel´s Top bosses and the underdogs were all upset about the situation. The hotel had “kindly” found me some alternative venues which were available for our date. This made me even angrier!
Anyway, long story short, dont ask me how – but I managed to turn the situation round and get the hotel to give us the penthouse of their fabulous hotel to celebrate Stephanie and Richards wedding. This was a one off, and weddings are not permitted in their penthouse, so Stephanie and Richard´s wedding was unique and never to be repeated.  Dont get me wrong, Im sure the couple would have sorted something out, but this is a prime example of why people should hire wedding planners when they are getting married abroad. Couples and their families invest so much time and money into a wedding, a wedding planners fee should also be seen as an investment for couples in making sure they achieve the wedding day they dream of. Couples who want to get married abroad, should always have a planner based in the country they are getting married in.
I do need to clarify though,  although the hotel caused a massive problem for us, they COMPLETELY redeemed themselves. The Wedding was absolutely amazeballs and they made it up to Stephanie and Richard in many other ways. The service and staff on the day couldnt do enough! The end result was that the couple and their families were all extremely happy after the initial shock.
Anyway, I shall let the photos speak for themselves. Thanks to Alan Magner from Ireland for capturing the day so well. x

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