Welsh Wedding in Spain

Some of you may recall watching the news at the end of August and seeing the horrendous fires we experienced on the Costa Del Sol. 
Well, on the morning of 31st August I woke up with the same nervous/excited feeling I get on every wedding day; today was  Charmaine and Sion´s wedding day. I walked out of my bedroom and was overcome by the smell of fire. When my eyes started to work,  I  saw that there was ash everywhere inside my house.  I walked onto my terrace and it got worse, it was covered in a carpet of ash. My heart sank as Charmaine and Sion´s wedding venue was only 2 minutes from my house, so I knew they would be in the same situation. The problem was their wedding reception was being held outside! 
When I got to the villa Charmaine’s parents had been busy cleaning up again!  The problem was now the terrible wind. Every time we tried to put anything outside, it would just blow away. 
Charmaine and her parents had shipped over alot of decoration and pretty fluffy bits for the wedding, but we couldn’t put anything outside. 
I tried to remain positive and calm but all I could see was the clock ticking away and it was getting closer and closer to the time to leave for the church. 
Charmaine was an absolute STAR. She wasn’t going to let this ruin her day, she just hid away in her room with the girls drinking champagne and getting ready. I on the other hand was quietly loosing the will to live! 
An hour before I was due to leave for the church, the wind wasn’t calming down and all I could do was stare at all the things I needed to do. I decided to make a couple of SOS calls to my brother and my best friend telling them to get to the venue. They were there within 10 minutes and I told them what needed doing whilst we were at the church. Clients are aware that I work alone, and this is a prime example when clients ask me, “what would you do if you were stuck?”. Well, I call on my nearest and dearest who know how important my business is to me. I don’t believe that if I paid someone to help me, they would do as good a job as those that care about me. 
Anyway, I drove to the church, and the day was getting worse and worse: the outside of the church was cordoned off with police tape (like at a crime scene) I cant say on here what I did, but needless to say, when guests arrived at the church, the tape was no longer there. 
Whilst I was in the church, I received a call from the groom; the taxi he was in on the way to the church had crashed!! Whilst writing this, Im actually laughing because it was like something out of a comedy sketch. Oh BTW, the groom was fine, just a bit shaken. 
During the church service, I made a few phone calls back to the venue to be told that the wind had stopped,  and a quick prayer to Himself as I really needed Him onside today. 
As soon as I could get away, I broke all speed limits and whizzed back to the villa. I knew I had very little time and I knew NOTHING was done when I left for the church. When I got to the villa, I could have cried with relief, my brother and Best Friend had done EVERYTHING. And on top of that, it all looked exactly like it did in my head!! My god, I will never forget what they did for me that day. THANK YOU :) 
What started as a nightmare, turned out to be an amazing wedding. Charmaine and Sion, and her parents are a lovely family and the deserved to have a beautiful wedding, and that they certainly did. I saw Charmaines parents a couple of weeks ago, and her guests are STILL talking about their wedding. Ofcourse, they were completely unaware of what happened on the build up to the wedding :) 
Thank you to Paco Montagut for his photos, and a MASSIVE congratulations to Charmaine and Sion. x

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