Wedding in Spain

Erin and Andre first contacted me what feels like an eternity ago. They came to Spain to look at potential wedding venues in and around Marbella and managed to narrow it down to two venues. They found it very hard to pick between a popular beachfront restaurant, which is what most couples think they want when they think of a wedding in Spain, and a completely contrasting secret garden venue in Marbella. After various Skype calls and emails, they most definitely made the right decision and choose a beautiful and enchanting restaurant in the heart of Marbella and a catholic church wedding in Encarnacion Church in Marbella Old Town. It turned out that the beachfront restaurant they almost booked turned out to be a complete nightmare in the year leading up to Erin and Andre’s wedding and they had a narrow escape!!

Erin has to be one of the easiest brides I have dealt with. Secretly, given the time it took for them to decide on a venue, I thought she would find it hard to make decisions on all aspects of her wedding, but she proved me oh so wrong. She made her decisions (I say she, but Im sure Andre had some input lol) and stuck to them throughout the whole process.

Erin, a natural organiser, made my job as a wedding planner extremely easy :) It was important for her to put her own personal stamp on her wedding and she made her own table plan and place cards. She brought out lots of small decorative details from Ireland, and for me, the small details make a wedding special.

Although Erin and Andre’s wedding was in Marbella, they brought a bit of Ireland to their wedding in Spain by way of Sean Murphy their wedding singer and our local Irish DJ Joey, not to forget the Barry’s tea.

Thank you so much to the talented David Toms for taking such amazing photos.

Mr and Mrs Tully, it was an absolute pleasure working with you.



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