Wedding in Spain

2014 wedding season starts for me in a month, quite an start early this year, and I just don’t know where the time has gone. I haven’t even been able to blog about all my lovely 2014 brides and grooms yet! 
As the time draws closer for weddings to start, and my sleep is filled with wedding nightmares, it not only calms me but also reassures me to look at past wedding photos. Photos like the ones in this blog remind me exactly what all these sleepless nights, worry, stress and taking it out on my kids is all about :)  
August 17th 2014 saw the wedding of the the lovely Louise and Thomas. 
It was a beautiful sunny day and the kind of weather people expect for a wedding in Spain. 
Louise and Thomas tied the knot in the ever popular church of La Encarnacion in Marbella Old Town and their guests were treated to a reception in the fabulous Don Pepe hotel. 
Today, I was asked by a potential client “Why would I pay a wedding planner when the venue offers a free wedding planner?”  There are several reasons why a good wedding planner is worth her/his weight in gold and I shall blog about this another day, but looking at these wedding photos reminded me of something – Louise wasn’t happy with her first hair trial and did not have time to have another trial before she went back to Ireland and would only be back in Spain a couple of days before the wedding. So Jane, the lovely hairdresser, did another trial for Louise ON ME. I sent Louise the photos of my hair trial (which she liked),  and I think this spared her from months of fretting and worrying about her hair. I think its safe to say a venue wedding planner wouldn’t have done that. Come to think of it, I don’t think any wedding planner would do that! 
Louise and Thomas thank you for having me. xx


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    Wedding planners or more specific you as a wedding planner is worth every penny. There is no way on earth a venue wedding planner would do those little things that I remember with a smile on my face. Pinning people into dresses, kid friendly champagne, personal google maps and I’ll never forget that hug as I came down the stairs for the first time….

    Beautiful wedding as usual Lisa! Can’t wait to see what this year brings :)

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