Wedding in Marbella

The lovely Paul and Lindsay were married on 29th September 2012.   Ironically, they were planning to have their wedding in the first week of October, but were worried about it raining, so pushed the wedding forward a week. When they arrived in Spain a few days before the wedding, they were met with……….rain. I dont mean a shower, I mean torrential thunder storms that lasted days and days. 
The day before the wedding, I went to meet Paul and Lindsay for their wedding rehearsal and I on my way there, I received a call from my Son´s school that he had to be picked up as the schools were being evacuated due to the rain. It was that bad! This was to be my first rainy wedding :( and I was devasted for the couple and their families. We decided to bring in a Marquee for the reception the day before the wedding so that we could keep to the original plan of having the reception outside. It was an extra cost to the couple, but they knew it had to be done. 

As we all expected, I woke up early on the 29th September to rain and grey clouds. It was miserable and I was gutted. Paul and Lindsay may as well have had their wedding the UK, and this wasnt part of their plan for their wedding in Spain. 

As I drove to the wedding venue, a miracle happened: it stopped raining and the sun was trying to make its way out. Yeahhhhhh!!! And guess what?…….. it didnt rain all day after that!! Looking at the photos, you cant even really tell what happened on the build up to their big day.  

I would like give special thanks to Marbella Catering and Gorgeous Event Decoration for all their hard work at this wedding (not that they dont work hard at every wedding), but the Marquee took forever to put up which meant that the tables, chairs and decoration couldnt go out until it was finished. It was a BIG rush to get it all down, but you guys made it possible. THANK YOU!

I love the colour scheme at this wedding, which was inspired by the couples love of ice hockey legends, New York Rangers. Check out their cake! 

Thanks Kris McGurk for the photos. 


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