Wedding Hair and Make up in Spain

Once the venue is booked, the thing brides most stress over is their hair and make up. After all, they are going to be looking at their wedding photos for the rest of their life’s, and want to look their very BEST for their special day. 

As every bride´s look and tastes are so different, it always good to do some research on the look they are aiming to achieve. 

As Im not a hair and make up expert, I asked the lovely Lorraine Romain of Princess Bride for some tips and advise on bridal hair and make up and here is her expert advise. 

All photos have been provided by Lorraine and these are REAL brides! 

I hope you find it of use, and thank you so much Lorraine!  x

The following advice is what I give to my brides who are considering a style that is right for them on their Big Day. 

Your Wedding Dress 
Your dress is a good place to start when choosing what hair style you want to go for.  First, it’s really deciding if you want to wear your hair up or down, or half up half down. Often brides contemplate this first. 

A dress with detail at the back of the dress deserves to be shown off.

If your dress features lace detail in the bodice, and your hair is long, you may opt for an upstyle again to reveal its beauty as well as prevent your hair brushing against it making it look untidy.  

The Neckline of you Dress
An upstyle tends to compliment the following necklines:
T-Shirt, V-Neck

…. and avoids getting caught in the neckline.

Half up, half down hairstyles suit the following necklines:

These hairstyles are chosen by brides who love to wear their hair down yet still have a style that will still stay put and away from falling over their faces. With the right length to suit your dress, it will look good on camera and last throughout your day and night.

There are so many flattering hair styles that you can have yet the style of your dress, its material, its shape, it’s length etc. all influence your hairstyle.

Your Wedding Date

The time of year is a big factor. For some women, hair resting on the back of their neck makes them feel hot and uncomfortable. An upstyle can keep you cool and stress free leaving you to enjoy your day whilst your hair underneath remains dry and in place.
Many brides think that because it can be hot in the summer, it can equally be humid and their hairstyle will not last. In fact, I find the atmosphere during the day to be very dry. This is great news for hair that tends to frizz at the slightest presence of moisture! 
Be aware if your functions are held right by the sea. As night falls the moisture can then rise and those whose hair is curly and porous, your style can begin to drop and your hair frizz. 

Your Wedding Ceremony Time
If the wedding is early, it might be an idea to choose a style that you know is going to be in place and look good all day for your photos. 
Having a ceremony later in the day means that you have a greater choice available to you.
Your Character and Personal Taste 
Brides are individuals too! Your character is what comes through on the day. Your personal taste says who you are and your hair is no exception.

Classic/Trendy – vintage, era hairstyles

Chic/Stylish – wavy, little curl. Simple, neat and no fuss looking styles

Modern – twists, plaits, waves, Hollywood curls
Romantic – soft curls, soft/loose hair around the face Sophisticated – smooth,neat, structured hairstyles
Traditional – upstyle, small curls
Relaxed/laid back – beach waves and loose twists. Wore down or up.
Glamorous – body, soft curls

Current Fashion Trends
Sometimes current trends can appear in wedding fashion. Current stars in glossy magazine spreads, papped at red carpet events, and starring in reality tv shows are inspiring women for their own special events to have equally stunning hair and makeup styles. 

Your Hair Type
Your hair type can dictate the style you choose. Your hair is your identity and it is how people see you. You may want to keep your hair in its original form or change it for your big day.
Curly hair can look thick until it is straightened and straight hair may be the type that never seems to curl. Accepting this, look at styles that embrace your hair type rather than those that try to change it whereby changing you. 
Twist up hairstyles looks beautiful on Curly Hair 
Straight Hair can be moulded into stunning styles

However, all is not lost. Breakage due to chemical over processing can be hidden by opting for a curly style. 
The use of extensions can mask the signs of thin hair as well as lengthen short hair. 
Hair forms can be used to plump out upstyles giving the impression you have more hair than you normally do.

Growth pattern/Hairline
This is when your hair particularly on top, at the front or your hairline, will only sit in one direction. Be flexible to your hairstyle. 
There are some women who when wear their hair in one direction, actually suits their hair worn the opposite. 

We women say we always want what we can’t have, but there are ways to go about achieving it. It’s just that they take a little more time and effort to achieve.

How you Wear your Hair Everyday

If you wear your hair tied up in a pony tail everyday for work, have an elegant up style or wear it half up half down. If you wear your straight hair down, go for soft curls or a stylish upstyle. My advise is to choose a style that is a glamorous distance from how you wear your hair everyday.

High end magazines
Women’s magazines can feature some current beautiful hair and makeup styles. Cut out your favourite ones and bring them to your trial for us to discuss and try out.

The Internet 
You can find 1,000’s of images of hairstyles for wedding day hairstyles. I love also looking at celebrity hairstyles for formal events. If you have a favourite celebrity or whose sense of style you like, the internet will give you ample of choice to choose from. Save your most favourite images for your wedding day hairstylist.

Red carpet events
Though I found the Oscars to be rather disappointing this year for wedding day hairstyle inspiration, past red carpet events tend to often crop up on a search for hairstyles. A red carpet event is what your wedding is, so your hairstyle should be nothing less than fit for a star.  

Reality tv shows

I don’t watch them all but when I do, there isn’t an episode that goes by where I’m not loving the hair, the makeup and the outfit. I love sophistication, style and glamour, and some of these ladies sure know how to work it. When watching tv, have your camera, phone or device at the ready to get a good shot of the style so your hairstylist can recreate the look you want.

Once you have chosen your hairstyle, it is then up to a stylist like myself to adapt the style to suit you. All the above mentioned play a factor in me creating that perfect hairstyle for you for your Wedding Day.

Your Makeup is really the easy part. Your makeup style is really designed by how you like to wear your makeup for special occasions. The amount of makeup you apply, products you use, or the depth and intensity of colour and definition you apply it, all design your own style. 
Special Occasions
If you often do your own makeup for a special occasion, you already know how you like to look on camera and have a style in mind you love and are trying to recreate for yourself. Show a photo of this and the style you’re trying to recreate and low and behold, it will result in a style you love and is ideal for you on your Wedding Day.

Lorraine Romain is an International Bridal Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist. Since 2006 she has been providing brides on the coast and inland as far as Seville and Granada, with picture perfect, flawless skin using exclusive waterproof makeup & stunning contemporary Bridal Hairstyles. 

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