Wedding flowers

Before a bride comes out to Spain to meet the florist, I always tell them beforehand to start cutting out pictures from magazines and looking on the internet for types of flowers that they like. Some brides do this, and some dont! 
I can always tell those brides that havent given flowers much thought when the florist says to them “So, what type of flower do you like, peonies, lilleys, fressias, gerberas……?” and the bride then looks at me with vacant eyes LOL. 
Out of all the supplier meetings, brides (and grooms, because they completely switch off) find the meeting with the florist the hardest if they havent done some homework beforehand. There is so much choice of flower out there, that the process can be a bit daunting without having done some research first. 
Flowers are a very big part of the wedding day (along with the dress, the venue, hair and make up, food, etc, etc) and its important to get this right.
The most popular choice of flower is the rose, as it comes in many different colours, and is cheap compared to some. This is a very elegant flower and works well for many couples. I would say that if the bride goes with a white rose bouquet, to add some greenery or perhaps 3 or 5 different color roses into the bouquet so it stands out once it is held up to the dress. 

Lots of brides have said they loved Peonies (below) but as soon as they hear they are one of the most expensive flowers at approximately 7€ a stem, they switch to roses. 

Gerberas and tulips are a good option too as they come in a range of colours and arent expensive either.

Anyone that has met me will know that a couple`s budget is always at the forefront of my mind (Im such a bore) so when Im told there will be 5 bridesmaids and there isnt a huge budget for flowers, I suggest the bridesmaids have a wrist corsage and carry a clutch bag (otherwise they walk down the aisle and dont know what to do with their hands.  I think they look really classy and are also budget friendly! 
I met a bride the other day, and Im really excited about what she is going to have. She isnt going to have a bouquet of flowers, instead she is going to be carrying a parasol covered in rose petals. Its stunning!  

I have a bride in November who is having something different too. She wants the flower “Bird of Paradise” as her wedding flower.

Then comes the subject of centrepieces. Lot of people think the bigger the better, but I dont really agree. The martini vase seems very popular with brides, but once they hear they cost around 100€ each, they quickly go off the idea. I could go on and on about flowers, but I will leave you with some more “budget” friendly centrepiece ideas. 

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