When I tell people I´m a wedding planner, they always say “Oh wow what a glamourous and lovely job” Well, I can tell you that it involves alot of sweating and sleepless nights, and ALOT of stress, but when I receive emails like this, I KNOW its the right job for me. I get such a buzz out of helping people and always go above and beyond. Yes I get paid for it, but if I worked it out by the hour, Id be on 2€ an hour! LOL 

Deirdre and Uwa were married in Los Remedios Church in Estepona and went onto a private villa. I wish them all the very best and Im sure they will live happily ever after. 
Dear Lisa, 
I cannot thank you enough for organising our beautiful wedding! Uwa and I had the most wonderful wedding weekend we could have dreamed of, everything went so perfectly, we loved the Buenaventura Hotel, and the few days before the wedding and the day itself was absolutely perfect. The flowers, caterer, drinks, dj, priest, photographer, church.. everything was fabulous and I am so happy at the way everything turned out. Not only that, but the guests at the wedding said it was absolutely one of the best weddings they had ever been to and you can tell from looking at the photos that they really enjoyed it!

We couldn’t possibly have had that kind of wedding without the weeks and weeks of work you put into preparing for it and Uwa and I appreciate every phonecall and email that occurred over the 9 or 10 months beforehand. You really were a wonderful planner and it is easy to see that you take so much pride in your work and that you work so hard to make everything come together on the day. 
Not only that but you were also so helpful during the week in May, organising the menu tasting, taking us to the florist, cake maker etc. and answering any questions that we had or that our parents had. 

I can honestly recommend you 100% without any hesitations and I will continue to do so wherever I can. 

Thank you so much, 
Dee & Uwa

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