The Decisive Bride

There are quite a few types of brides, but Jodie was definitely a decisive bride. In fact she was the most decisive bride I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Jodie decided she was going to get married in Spain, and when she first got in touch with me she had already decided on a wedding date and venue without having seen it first.  Within our first few emails she had already decided on her entertainment, colour scheme, flowers and menu and that was before even having come to Spain. On her first meeting with her photographer she already had her formal shot list to give him. When she met her videographer – she had a list of music for him to add to her DVD. What a joy! Jodie made my job so easy that at times I would look at her file thinking “this isn’t right – everything is done. I must be missing something” haha

There is a lot of pressure involved in my job. You get one chance to make the day perfect for couples that have invested so much money and time into planning their wedding. Given that Jodie and her family have a wedding venue in Scotland – I felt the pressure even more as I so wanted to do Jodie and Mark proud.

Check out Jodie and Marks photos below. Believe it or not, this wedding was on the first day of Autumn :)

Jodie, thank you so much for being you. xx

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