Stunning Spanish Villa for Weddings

It is not that often that I get really excited about new venues, but what I found today took my breathe away. 
I went to view a Spanish Style Ranch for prospective weddings, as there is alot of brides out there that want villa weddings. The views at this villa were undescribeable; have a look for yourself. Does anybody agree with me? This Villa has 5 bedrooms but can sleep 13 at a maximum. The only down fall is that you have about 1/2 km of dirt track to get to it. A minibus would be able to get there on a wedding day, but a coach wouldnt. 
This is the kind of place that you could just hibernate in for a week. Stock up on food, drinks etc and chill for a week. 
As I was driving away from the villa I saw a view of the villa from above; “Oh I must get a photo of that to show people” I said to myself. I happily got out of my car and took the photo. I was very pleased with myself and my find, and merrily got back into my car WHICH STARTED TO WHEELSPIN! What the hell?? I got out of the car and saw that in my haste of stopping the car to get the shot, I parked up and the rear wheel was stuck in a ditch. The more I tried to drive away, the more the front wheel was digging deeper and deeper into the gravel. “Its ok” I told myself, “I will call a friend!” No frigging signal! Here I was starting to panic and nearly cry if Im honest. I was in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal. An hour later, as if he was my guardian angel, a man calmly walked down to me and said whilst looking at my grazed legs, dirty hands and face said “Well you have been busy” (I had been trying to dig a hole for the front wheel to come out with my bare hands! and calmly pushed the car out of the hole. I gave that man the biggest hug of his life!!!! Anyway, sorry for boring you with my dramas. Have a look at the pics.


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