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Given the fact that it feels like it has been raining solidly here for last month, I thought it would be apt to blog about my one and only rainy wedding in Spain!

Well, what can I say about Katharine and Dallas? Fun…, emotional…., kind…, happy….and crazy……. spring to mind.  In true reflection of their personalities, their wedding was always going to be a blast :) 

The build up to Katharine and DallasĀ“ wedding was an emotional one with much laughter and tears from both of us. Katharine had had some hard times in the past, and if anyone deserved a fairytale wedding to her Prince Dallas, then Katharine most definitely did.  

Booking your wedding in Spain in November is always a bit brave given that it tends to rain here in November, but, Katharine, being the brave person that she is,  booked her wedding for 3rd November 2012. 

Most brides would have a complete melt down if it rained on their wedding day, but Katharine took it on the chin and it didn’t bother her in the slightest. She continued smiling, and in fact, she smiled the WHOLE day on her wedding day šŸ˜‰ 

KatharineĀ“s color scheme of fushia pink, red and burgundy sum up her personality in a nut shell and complemented the venue beautifully :) 

If I tell you that bride and groomĀ“s entrance to their reception was “Here comes the Bride” scratched into “Gangnam Style” including the bride and groom doing “THE” dance, sums up their wedding day. Great fun! It was a joy to work with them. 

As always thanks to all the suppliers involved in this wedding, Flowers in Bloom, Cake Couture, The Rat Pack, DJ Des Carlton, Gorgeous Event Decoration, Flamenco Dani, Jorge Finning, and Paco Montagut. 

Massive thank you to the talented Mr David Toms for capturing this wedding so beautifully. I know he had it hard in the rain, but he most definitely pulled it off. 

Katharine and Dallas; I hope you live Happily Ever After. 


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