Should I change my technique?

I have had a strange week. I met with a lovely couple 2 weeks ago. They were wanting to get married in Spain so I met with them for a chat. They were meeting another planner the next day (I defo recommend you do meet more than one planner). Anyway, I received a call from the groom breaking the bad news to me that I didnt get the job :( He was lovely about it and I asked him for some constructive critism; he didnt have any. So when I asked him what made him decide on the other planner, his reply was that the other planners approach was more business oriented as in suited and booted with a briefcase and that his wedding would be planned like a business transaction, whereas I took the more friendly and “big sister” approach. Now, for all of about 30 minutes I doubted my ethos and thought, “should I behave more like and accountant or a lawyer when I meet with clients? ” “Should I turn up in a pin stripe suit with a suitcase and be completely money orientated?” I spoke to my nearest and dearest and they all thought I was mad even considering it. 
I have had an experience with a priest in last 2 weeks that has driven me to the brink of a breakdown, but if I had of approached this priest with a “salesperson” attitude I dont believe I could have won him over. Basically, he agreed a date for a wedding over the phone and told me to swing by to write down the couples names. When I got there, he dropped the bombshell that he wouldnt allow an english speaking priest to carry out the ceremony and HE would do it using an interpreter!!! I nearly wet myself. The couples family had already booked flights and accomodation for the wedding on the basis that I had already spoken to the priest and he had agreed. It took pleading telephone calls and 2 more visits to see the priest before he finally gave in to me THANK GOD (no pun intended LOL).  I thanked him and asked if I could give him a kiss to which his reply was “NO” I then asked if I could shake his hand, to which he gave me his hand, winked at me and said “Goodbye Queen”.  I had broken him :))

My point is, would I have won this battle if I wasnt simple old me? 

Well, like a sign from God (no pun again), I received an email from another groom this week, who had been to Spain on a viewing trip the previous week with another planner and he was not happy with the service and attention he was being shown. I spoke to this groom the day after his email and wait for it…..the planner he had met was the same planner I had just lost out to!  

Does anyone out there that knows me think I should become more of a salesperson? Would love your feedback x

PS: Hope I havent bored you to death with my ramblings. 


  1. says

    Don’t you dare change !!!! The Best thing about you is the fact that you cared about our wedding and didn’t care about the money side of things. 

    Be true to yourself. You will always have people who prefer another approach but look at all the lovely people who have and are using you, the reason they are is because it’s you and you are the way you are. 

    You are more than just a planner, you are the friend that helps at every step of the way. 

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank God(ha) you are who you are and the way you are.

    Speaking as the happy couple who you won the priest over for even at the expense of future dealings with said priest and church. It meant so much to have you put us and our wedding first.

    It really showed us how dedicated you are to not only providing a service but truely joining us on our journey to having an amazingly fulfilled wedding and i know i will feel like i have my friend looking after myself and our wedding on the day.

    Dont change one bit Lisa you are amazing at what you do and above all how you do it. X

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