Villa Weddings


Villa weddings on the Costa del Sol are becoming more and more popular at the moment. There really is a huge demand for villa weddings in Spain.
With Villa weddings, couples have the advantage of complete privacy which is harder to achieve at a hotel wedding.

We work very closely with local catering companies which will supply tables, chairs, linen, plates and cutlery on the day of the wedding. Another advantage of a villa wedding is that you will definitely save money on the alcohol.

There are many beautiful villas here, but unfortunately there is not a huge choice of villas suitable for weddings. Due to music restrictions for villas set in residential areas, music has to be turned off at midnight, and most couples want to party until the early hours!! Also, a lot of villa owners just refuse to allow weddings to be held in their properties (for obvious reasons).

At Bella Weddings In Spain we have a number of villas on our books, and we are constantly on the hunt for new villas that are appropriate for weddings. For more information on villa weddings in Spain, please contact us.