Rural Spanish wedding

I like to think I build up a good relationship with all my clients. The majority Im still in touch with which is a good sign. Sometimes though, I think people are put into our life for a reason. This is what happened with Daniel and Charlotte, or Laurel and Hardy as I secretly think of them as.

“ We would like to get married in La Rioja” was the first email I received from Mr Clackett almost 2 years ago. “Sorry, I only work in the Malaga region” was my reply . “What have you got for us then?” Was Daniel´s reply. And this was the start of a relationship that turned into friendship that I hope will last a very long time.

Dan and Char as their friends know them (yep me included) had their wedding in Spain in April of this year in Costa del Sol´s equivilent of La Rioja – a rural boutique hotel in the mountains of Gaucin, far away from the tourists and sea but many many miles away from La Rioja!

Charlotte and Dan were, and still are an inspiration to me personally. They are the epiphany of what soul mates are. Not only were they in love, they were completely in sinc and bloody hilarious at the same time. My stomach ached when I was around them from lauging so hard. I would have paid money to see these two in action. Looking at their wedding photos reminded me of how happy this man and woman were and still are.

Laughing aside, when Charlotte declared Dan cries at Masterchef, I knew the wedding day was going to be emotional. And emotional it certainly was. The only dry eyes in the house were the minister´s, Kevin Williams . How he kept it together I have no idea – I think he must be made of stone .  I did not shed a silent tear, but sobbed my heart out instead.

Char and Dan are the most generous and sensitive people I have met in a long time. They will always have a special place in my heart. They gave their guests (and me) memories that will last a life time.  On a cold winter night in Marbella, looking at their photos has warmed me up.

Thanks to the suppliers involved at this wedding and thanks to David Toms for capturing the day so well.  The day was full of emotions and David managed to get that in his photos.

Mr and Mrs Clackett – I love you, but I have a confession, I accidentally smashed the “I love spreadsheets” mug you gave me :( DOH

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