I feel I should comment on a very horrible situation that has today become public knowledge in one of the local newspapers here on the Costa del Sol. 
For those of you that are unaware, an Irish wedding planner in Marbella has disappeared taking with her clients money. 
What I am trying to achieve by blogging about the situation is to reassure any couple getting married in Spain, is that what has happened is NOT normal or common. Its just very unfortunate, and extremely upsetting for the couples involved, that there was one bad apple between us, and I dont want this to be a reflection on wedding planners in Spain.  I for one work extremely hard to maintain the reputation that I have, and it upsets me that this may deter future business for me, or any of the other great wedding planners on the Costa del Sol. 
For legal reasons, I wont name the individuals and Company involved.
The wedding industry on the Costa del Sol is a very small industry in the sense that everybody knows what everybody is doing. So what has happened has come to no surprise to some of us, as unfortuntely, we could see it coming yet we could do nothing to stop it. The most I could do if somebody mentioned this wedding planner to me, is politely insist that they do research into this Company. Thankfully, some couples did this and didnt book this particular wedding planner, but it saddens me to say that some did. 
Suppliers in the industry became aware of the situation with this Wedding Planner at the beginning of September, so I am surprised it has taken this long to become public knowledge, but the couples involved asked us to be discreet as they didnt want it to be the topic of conversation at their wedding. 
To anybody getting married in Spain, or thinking of getting married in Spain, please, please do not let what has happened cloud your judgement. Karma will prevail on this evil woman!!


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    If you Google ‘Irish wedding planner disappears’ – you are the second entry and it dont look good for you! think you might need to reword your article…..x

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