Marbella Wedding

Well, I spend most my year saying “I cant wait for December” and here it is. My inbox is under control, I dont feel constantly stressed and I actually have the time to make a volcano project with my youngest. Ahhhhhhh bliss.

Apart from Christmas, now is the time to go through all the beautiful images photographers have sent me.

Its been a tough year – this year a few venues have tried my patience to the limit and given me major headaches and stress balls. Im a person that likes things black or white, so when venues change the goalposts, couples look to me for solutions.  Looking at Claire and Nick´s photos, they look so happy and at ease – yet that wasnt the case 4 months before their wedding. Claire and Nick booked a beachfront restaurant almost 2 years before their wedding. That restaurant changed ownership and the new management changed their wedding conditions, which I know affected many couples out there.

Long story short, Claire and Nick couldnt come to Spain again to look at other venues, so after several skype chats and a visit to Spain by Claire´s Mum and Dad, they decided on a stunning restaurant with NO seaviews. Im a big believer of things happen for a reason, and the original venue being cancelled meant Claire and Nick had an even MORE amazing setting, food and service. I might also add that Claire and Nick´s daughter is called Bella, so I think that connected us too!

Claire and Nick´s original Marbella wedding ended up being the opposite  – they had their wedding ceremony in Benahavis Church and then treated their guests to a 5 star meal at a restaurant in Marbella.

Congratulations Claire and Nick xx

Thanks David Toms for the amazing photos!

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