Its Official: I have the nicest clients ever

I have a wedding on 8th April and the couple and their guests are flying in from Hong Kong for the wedding. They haven’t seen the venue or even been to Spain before. The bride has been really busy in a new job so she hasn’t given me too much direction on her wedding. Basically I have used my own judgement in organising their wedding which is very rare as most brides (and some grooms) have a MASSIVE input into their wedding day. Anyway, I had the worst nightmare last night about this couple I actually woke up crying! I dreamt that she absolutely hated the venue and everything that I had arranged for her wedding. I cant describe how bad this dream was and how I felt. They say that dreams come out the opposite so I pray to God that this is true. 
So this morning, after an awful nights sleep, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day on the Costa del Sol.  I knew it was going to be a good day. 
I met with a bride getting married in November this morning and along with her Granny we went to meet the florist and sorted her flowers and had her cake tasting (which was divine). After lunch we went DRESS SHOPPING!!! This is a rare treat for me as most my brides buy their dresses at home, but this particular bride lives in Spain and asked would I go with her “DOH of course” So off we trotted with Grandma to Pronovias in Marbella. The girl is the shop was so nice and really helpful. This was very refreshing given my last blog. After looking through the catalogue of dresses, the bride had chosen 12 to try on. I had a very good feeling. She tried on the first dress and it bought tears to my eyes. She looked absolutely amazing!  I was thinking, No she has another 11 dresses to try on NOWAY is this going to be her wedding dress.  Long story short, 2 hours later we left the shop and she had paid a deposit on her wedding dress: wedding dress number 1. I knew it was going to be a great day. 
Every time I meet new clients, I always walk away thinking what lovely people they are. To be honest I was starting to think it was in my imagination, but I received an email from the cake maker who we had met earlier on in the day this evening and her email read “..(the bride) is really charming, that´s what I love when working with you, you always have charming brides! but I guess you attract nice people :)”
So you see, its not in my imagination, I officially have the nicest clients ever x


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