How to get your wedding dress to Spain?

So, it has taken you ages to pick a dress. You finally decide on which dress you would like, what style, what colour. You get the dress home and then think…”Jesus, how am I going to get my dress to Spain??” I have had many a panicked bride loosing sleep and actually having nightmares that their dress is lost in transit. 

You could take the dress on board in a folding dress cover, but the airlines are quite strict, so you may have to hand the dress over to the air stewards who may be kind enough to hang it up in the gallery for you. Having to do this means you a trusting a random stranger to care for the most important dress you will ever have in your life. This may result in a VERY stressful flight for you!!

I would suggest a specialised wedding dress box which you can take on board the plan as hand luggage. You can buy these boxes on line and they arent expensive. You can even have them personalised and keep it as a keepsake. 
Another more expensive option is buying your wedding dress a seat of its very own!


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    I would (as you know) totally recommend a dress box! I managed to have my dress, shoes, veil, underwear and jewellery in mine so there was no doubt that if anything else happened to my luggage I would still be getting married!

    Mine was like the first image, and even better you got get it in different colours so I got mine to match my wedding colours :-) it felt great carrying it on the plane too and it loads of comments.

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