How to choose a wedding planner

I´ve been a bit slack with posting these last few days. Have been too busy trying to keep my kids entertained. School holidays in Spain are almost 3 months long, and we are now into the final month. Its really showing its toll on me and the anti wrinkle cream is not having the desired effect anymore! 

Unfortunately being a single parent means I often have to drag the kids around with me (obviously not to meet clients or weddings though LOL) I´m sure my 6 year old thinks Im nuts as after dragging him to the church again this morning to book in a wedding for a couple next year, he said to me “Mummy, do we keep coming to church because you keep asking God to make me a good boy?” LOL Bless him, but secretly that´s exactly what I ask God as we leave the church. 

Anyway,  over the last few years I have heard some horror stories about wedding planners (not just in Spain), so my advise on this is to do some research before committing to a planner. Thankfully, we all have internet access now a days, so do some of your own investigating online.  

Ask for a couple of references too, as any decent planner will be happy to provide these. Im surprised I have only been asked for references once! But I was not  at all offended, I was glad this couple had asked me for references.  This is a great forum with a section for weddings abroad. You will find loads of info here from brides to be. 

Talking of Weddingsonline, I though I would share this wedding report from one of my clients. I actually cried when I read it:

Click here to see the post directly on weddingsonline  

Just a quick post to anyone thinking of getting married abroad. We got married in Marbella Old Town on 21 May 2011 and our reception was in Cancelada. 

We were after having a pretty tough week coming up to the wedding as when we arrived on the Tuesday it was lashing rain but thankfully the sun came out and performed beautifully on the day : ) By having our wedding in Spain we really managed to have a different wedding with a lovely feel and great atmosphere. We had got engaged there last year so that’s where the idea started. Everyone really relaxed and let their hair down.

To anyone thinking of getting married abroad the biggest piece of advice we could give is get a wedding planner!! We started initially trying to plan it ourselves and it was just really tough… we had a fantastic wedding planner Lisa Franco ( She really was our rock in the lead up to the wedding always available on Skype and making sure we were on track with what needed to be done particularly paperwork which can be confusing! She sourced fantastic suppliers for the day and never tried to make us go over our budget she was always mindful of what we could and could not afford and didn’t let things get out of hand (which as you will see when you start planning a wedding can happen pretty easily!). 

We were a bit unlucky in that the venue that we we chose turned out to be more then a little difficult to deal with, this is when Lisa really came into her own she was unbelievable. She made sure that everything went smoothly and watched everything like a hawk so that everything was actually done properly so that we were able to relax and enjoy our day! She was there every day in the lead up to the wedding no matter how many hysterical phone calls she got a day! She is incredibly professional and really cares about her clients we really could not say enough nice things about her or recommend her more highly – we are still in touch since the wedding and regard her as a friend who was our wedding planner as opposed to the other way around.

In terms of photography we used an Irish guy Kris McGuirk ( who is based in Malaga; absolutely brilliant. He did reportage style photography for us mixed in with whatever traditional type family photos we wanted. He truly made our wedding day look like some sort of wedding shoot. He was great company on the day and made both of us and all our family and guests feel completely at ease. We barely noticed he was there during the day, which is so great on your wedding day cos there is already so much going on it has the potential to get stressful. He really helped capture our very special day and will help us to remember certain moments by looking at his beautiful images for the rest of our lives.

Our DJ was a guy called Rob ( such a gentleman, he was so lovely to deal with and welcomed suggested playlists. All of our guests commented on how good he was and he played until 5.30a.m.!

Anyway just thought that this might be of some help to anyone thinking of getting married abroad. Getting married in Spain was one hundred per cent the best decision for us – it can be stressful at times as you feel far away from everything but so worth it in the end – best of luck!


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