Hotel Wedding

There are a couple of hotels on the Coast that have changed ownership this year, and have therefore changed their terms and conditions for weddings. 
One of the said hotels is the Hotel Guadalmina. I received a call from the hotel in March for me to come in and have a “chat” So off I went feeling slightly sick at what they were going to throw at me. Anyway, I was called in to be told that there was no longer music allowed in the restaurant after the meal, no cash bar would be allowed downstairs in the nightclub and that all weddings in peak season had to have a minimum of 150 guests or the couple would have to pay a supplement!!!! Now I really thought I was going to throw up! My clients and the hotel had a signed contract but the hotel werent going to honor the contract! I left in a daze thinking “oh my god, I have to now tell my clients that they werent allowed the band they had booked, they now had to have 150 guests or pay up, and they were not allowed the cash bar they were intending on having. This would mean they would have to pay out for a free bar for all their guests.” How was I going to do that? I would be the messenger and we all knows what happens to the messenger :(
I made a few calls to other local wedding planners and it was the same for them to. Couples were having to cancel their weddings at the Guadalmina and one poor couple had to cancel 2 months before their wedding! I was not going to allow this to happen to my clients. 
After a bit of panicing and pondering I called the hotel again and made an appointment to see the Manager. I went to see him later that day. As I walked in, I still had no idea how or what I was going to say to him. I have always had such a good relationship with the Guadalmina, and figured going in guns blazing wouldnt fix the problem. Anyway, I sat down and calmly and politely explained that this was going to have a really negative effect on his hotel and on my business. After 20 minutes of general chat, he announced ” Ok Lisa, as its you, your clients can be an exception to the rule, and the old conditions will apply” I jumped up and gave him a MASSIVE hug which made him blush a bit haha. I left on cloud nine – another fire had been put out. The clients were over the moon and the photos below show what a wonderful day they had. Grace and Joey choose a purple and fushia theme and thanks to the lovely Michelle from everything was meticulously color coded. I love the Old Skool Candy bar Michelle produced :) 
BTW: The hotel was fab on the night, and I would definately recommend them again. 
I would also like to extend a big thank you to Kris McGuirk for his as always fab photos, Lisa Mayne for making Grace and the girls look amazing and Jane Harrison for the hair. 
I cant forget Martin Jospeh the entertainer who was a star on the night. x

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