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I cant believe its almost the end of June already and I havent posted on my blog in over a month!  Wedding season is well and truely in full swing. To be honest, there havent been enough hours in the day lately so blogging has taken a back seater. This is one of the negatives of working alone :( 
Since the start of wedding season in April, I am so pleased with every wedding I have organised. Each couple have been over the moon and this makes me a very happy girl.  
Its not been easy, but the hard work and sweat have paid off. Thought I would share a couple of testimonials I have received this season so far. 
And another: 

Hi Lisa!!!! 

Sorry it took me ages to reply…when I got back from Spain, I´ve been traveling back and forth to different places without much time in between to rest. 

I have been incredibly rude and owe you a very belated sincere thank you for everything. The wedding was perfect  – exactly as I had imagined and wanted, with lots of laughter and love and the whole setting was beautiful! Thank you! 

Candice x

I havent received a testimonial as such from the bride below, but she has put her wedding day report on weddingsonline http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=361287
Part of it says,:

We got to chill out with family and friends on the Wednesday as we seriously had the BEST WEDDING PLANNER ever Lisa Franco from Bella Weddings Spain honestly truly brilliant she kept to our budget and managed to save us some money also honestly she went above and beyond for us the reason we could chill on Wednesday was because she did some of out little jobs like table place names for us so not her job but she wreckened we were on holiday and she wanted to help as much as possible. She even changed my daughters nappy at one stage now to me that is just pure kindness and understanding luckily she is a mam herself so she knew what she was doing but like i said above and beyond and now i look forward to going back to spain and meeting her in Marbella some day for a drink a truly lovely professional lady who will go out of her way to 
make sure you have the best day that is possible.” 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading all the comments. xx

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