Greedy Venues

I have had quite a rubbish week in terms of people causing me (and my clients) problems. 
Thankfully, I have managed to solve most of the problems that have been thrown my way, but I think it is completely unnecessary, and it is all down to greedy venues who try and bleed people for as much money as they can. 
Honestly, I know times are hard, but am I the only one in the world who runs a business but thinks that money isnt everything? I know we all need to make a living, but what happened to moral values?
I was so angry at the start of the week that I was going to name the venue Im talking about, but the wedding industry is so small here that I decided against it. 
Last week I took a couple to see this villa type venue that sleeps 26 people. These kind of venues that sleep so many are few and far between and are a popular choice for weddings. This venue was taken over by an english lady around a year ago and she was happy for all wedding planners to recommend her venue. She seems to be doing very well now and sent out an email to all wedding planners around a month ago saying she didnt want to work with any planners anymore. I called her and explaned that I had been recommending her venue to potential clients for over a year and that some couples wanted to view it as a potential wedding venue. She agreed to let me show her place to those couples that had showed an interest in it, but I wouldnt promote her venue to future couples. Anyway, I was happy enough as my clients could still book if they wanted it. 
This couple I took to see it last week decided they wanted to book the villa for 4 nights in June but have booked a different venue for their wedding day. The bride really wanted to have all her loved ones stay with her but felt it wasnt right for her wedding day. They went back to the UK feeling very happy they would be getting the wedding of their dreams. Anyway, I called the villa owner and she completely changed the goal post. She said that they couldnt book the villa if they werent having their wedding there as this would mean she would loose out on at least 1,500€. I explained to her that there was nothing on her website thats stated couples HAD to have a wedding in the villa in order to book it. After several emails she then agreed to “allow” my clients to book the villa, but they had to take it for a week and use her caterers for their day after party. The couple only wanted a 4 night stay, as is advertised on her website and as has always been an option. But no, not now, she had changed her mind and this meant the couple would be paying almost double for a week which they didnt want anyway. 
In conclusion, my clients were gutted they couldnt get the villa but couldnt afford to take it for a week and they were so annoyed about this woman´s behaviour they wouldnt book anyway. 
After a couple of days of frantic calls from the bride, I managed to find them another villa for less money but slept the same amount of people 5 minutes from the original villa. The second villa confirmed they could have it so I told the couple and they were over the moon and were going to arrange the deposit. 
Late last night, I received another email from the 2nd Villa saying “sorry, but I just found out its actually booked so your clients cant have it” Jesus Christ!! I havent even told the couple yet as they are going to freak out!!
Maybe this is all normal behaviour and its me thats nuts, but at this rate Im going to run out of venues. Why are people so crappy? My next dilema is I have another potential bride coming to Spain and she wants to see this villa, do I tell her the truth about this woman and her money grabbing ways or just play it by ear? Would a potential bride be bothered, or does it bother me more than it would a bride? 


  1. Bride in question! says

    I care what you think Lisa x and you have been
    Amazing in helping us plan our perfect spainish wedding x As I am the bride in question you did everything in your professional power to help us book these venues …. Unfortunate for us these places ended up making something that is meant to be enjoyable rather stressful and they have been utterly unprofessional from there behaviour. They should state what they want and offer on their website instead of saying one thing and going against it when you make a booking! If any brides are looking for large villas to stay at and you would like to know the venues I have had problems in dealing with I am happy to pass on my experiences and advice! Lisa you are our eyes and ears so I love the fact you were professional and left your feelings out of it as it shows you in a positive light and I obviously learnt myself how uncooperative, greedy and rude these places were !…..listen villa agents/owners… Don’t state something if it’s not the case! !!!!! And be careful as I was concerned that if I had made a booking that if they got a better offer from someone wanting their villa for longer I have no doubt in my mind that they would of cancelled me as they are only interested in money even though I was booking over a year in advance!!!!!! …But whatever happens it will all work out in the end and lisa you have remained proffeshional and my rock but if a bride asks tell her…. She will thank you in the long run and it would of saved me the last 6 weeks of stress !!!!
    Thank you for all your help your amazing and we could not do it without you!!! Xxx

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