Gay Wedding in Spain



Back in 2012, I was contacted by Brian and Phil to help them organise their gay wedding in Spain. I have to say I was very excited at the propect of having a gay wedding as it would be my first, although 2014 seemed an eternity away!

Brian and Phil came out to view potential wedding venues in Spain, but I knew finding them their ideal venue would be tough as their idea of a perfect venue was a french castle in France LOL Where was I going to find a french castle in Spain?!? It actually took 2 trips to Spain before they found their dream venue which was a very spanish rural hotel in Gaucin. It suited them perfectly.

The last 2 years flew by and on 21st June 2014 Brian and Phil tied the knot infront of their friends and family.

Guests were treated to neon coloured sunglasses in their wedding colours of fucshia, orange and yellow, Atunes singers during the drinks reception and a major party after dinner.

Brian and Phil will always have a special place in my heart. Congratulations boys :) xx

A massive thanks to Kris McGuirk for capturing these beautiful images.


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