First wedding of 2012

Anybody that lives in Spain knows to associate Easter with rain, so when Candice contacted me from Hong Kong last September and told me she wanted a villa wedding in Spain in April, my first reaction was “Great, but don’t choose Easter week as it always rains” Candice took a chance and decided on 8th April 2012, Easter Sunday for her wedding day. 
Candice was unable to travel to Spain before the wedding to view potential villas, so this mission was accomplished by Skype and emails conversations filled with photos. We found her villa and we went ahead and booked Easter Sunday for her wedding day. 
This wedding was going to be a small and intimate blessing with 16 guests and from the feedback I had from Candice, I was going to create an “English country garden” feel wedding. Due to work commitments, unfortunately Candice could not really dedicate much time to her wedding preparations, so she left it to my devices. 
As the wedding day approached, I felt sicker and sicker, as Candice and Richard had, (in no particular order) : 
a) Never been to Spain 
b) Never seen their wedding venue 
c) Never met me 
d) Hadn’t really given me any direction to their wedding 
e) Never met or spoken to any of the suppliers 
f) it was an outdoor wedding on Easter Sunday 
g) Asked their guests to travel from the other side of the world for their wedding.
Most brides have clear images and certain expectations for their wedding day and get this across to me, so this was new to me. 
The weather in the last two weeks had been pretty dire, so I had been checking the weather forecast like a crazy woman. One minute the forecast was saying sunshine and the next minute it was saying rain and thunder. I decided that it wasn’t going to rain, end of story. 
On Friday Candice and Richard arrived in Spain and they LOVED the villa. Phew. 
On Saturday Candice and Richard met the photographer and the minister I had booked for them and they were happy with that too. Phew. 
On Sunday (the wedding day), I woke up to bright blue skies and sunshine. Phew, phew, phew. 
The wedding was lovely. It was intimate and informal and exactly what Candice and Richard had wanted. That was lucky! 
They had a Chinese Tea Ceremony where the bride and groom served tea to their parents. Candice changed into her wedding dress and we drove to a local castle for photos of the bride and groom, and then went back to the villa for a blessing ceremony. The couple had written their own vows, and it was soo Candice to pull out her blackberry and read her vows to her husband from her phone LOL. 
I really enjoyed the day yesterday, but I know this wouldn’t have been possible without my A Team of suppliers, so I cant take all the credit for the success of this wedding. 
Thank you to Kris McGuirk for being a STAR. Gorgeous Event Decoration for making the villa look beautiful, Marbella Catering for providing gorgeous food as always and supplying me with a few giggles, Lorraine from Princess Bride for making the girls look stunning, Lisa for flowers and Warren for cakes. 
Unfortunately I was too busy running around to take my own photos (I only took a couple when I remembered) , so we will have to wait and see Kris´s. Watch this space. 


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