Legalities of a Wedding in Spain

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The only way of having a civil ceremony in Spain is by having a church wedding. In order to have a church wedding, you or your partner must be a catholic.
If you don’t want a church wedding, the alternative is a blessing which is carried out in the same way as a civil ceremony, but you would have to carry out the civil paperwork at your local Registry in your home town, or in Gibraltar which is very close by.

Can I have a church wedding in Spain and is it legal?

Yes you can, and it really is not as complicated and some would think. We will even take care of registering your marriage at the local Registry after your wedding and personally send you on your Marriage Certificate. (This is the part that makes your wedding legal in your country of residence)

The paperwork required for a church wedding in Spain is:

• Certified copies of Official Baptismal Certificates, not older than 6 months
• Photocopies of Birth Certificates
• Certificate of Marriage Guidance/Preparation Course
• Letter of Freedom to marry in the Catholic Church

Do I get a church rehearsal?

Yes, most definitely. The rehearsal normally takes place the day before the wedding. For whatever reason if the priest cannot attend the rehearsal, then we will direct the rehearsal.

How do I pay for suppliers?

Once you have chosen and met all your suppliers and you have chosen you wedding menu. We will send your first budget. This budget will include deposit amounts payable to secure suppliers and should be paid quite promptly to avoid disappointment.

Your final budget will inevitably change slightly by the time your wedding day arrives, as commonly final changes are made to flowers, decoration etc

A month before the wedding we will send you a final budget and you would then send the outstanding amount to a Spanish bank account. On the day we will have cash envelopes ready for all your suppliers to be paid.

Do I get to see my flowers before the big day?

We will meet with your florist before the wedding and your flower requirements will be discussed in great detail. We always suggest that you take magazine cut outs of flowers/ bouquets that you like as the florist can arrange an exact replica.
Ultimately though, you wouldn’t get to see your flowers until your wedding day.

Do I have to book everything with BellaWeddings?

Definitely not. I can only recommend reliable and trustworthy suppliers I have worked with before. If you have another supplier you would like to use, this is not a problem.

Do you charge commissions?

No, we pride ourselves in achieving the cheapest possible prices for our clients. More often than not, at Bella Weddings in Spain we get discounted rates from our suppliers which means you would not get cheaper prices anywhere else. Some venues do give us an “Introducers Fee”, but this comes from the venue and our clients pockets are not affected.

For any other questions (and I am sure you have many) please contact us.