Costs of a wedding in Spain

Today, I thought I would address the subject of the cost of a wedding in Spain as its a question I am asked on a daily basis. 

I think people presume that a wedding in Spain would cost less than a wedding in the UK and Ireland. Now, I can only go on what people tell me, but there seem to be some really good deals in the UK and Ireland at the moment. In Spain, on the otherhand, venues are not lowering their prices. In fact, some venue are putting their prices up! Crazy I say! No wonder the country´s ecomony is in such a mess. 

There is quite a large choice of venues in Marbella and its surrounding areas, but venue prices REALLY vary in price. Some venues are soo expensive that I dont even bother recommending them – I cant see a demand for paying 300€ per person at the moment! 

Some venues I work with offer a 1 hour drinks reception with canapes,  3 course meal including wines, centrepieces and bridal suite for as little as 48€ per head. To me, that is a really good price, but I have had clients tell me they could get it cheaper in Ireland.  

I would say the average price of a 1 hour drinks reception and 4 course meal including wine would be in the region of 80€ per head but can range from 45€ to 150€ depending on the venue. 

Some couples choke when I give them prices, but remember, having your wedding reception al fresco and in the sun is priceless. If you were getting married in the UK or in Ireland, you would definately be looking at dining in a function room or something similar. 

You should also remember that if you were having your wedding at home, you would probably have double if not more guests attend your wedding, which means you will always pay more than if you were in sunny Spain. I always find that guests are in such good form at weddings here. Im not sure if its because they are on holiday, or because its sunny, or because the drinks are flowing and they are drunk, but they are always in great spirits! 

One of the first questions I ask clients is what their budget is, and I always try and keep to their budget. More often than not I have to politley stop couples getting carried away as it is easily done. 

To give an idea of overall costs, I have had villa weddings for 50 people including everything (photographer, video, cake, flowers, entertainment, hair and make up, cars, decoration at 12,000€. 

5* hotel weddings for 50 people including everything for 14,000€. 

A spanish style restaurant for 120 people including everything for 17,000€ 

A boutique hotel for 60 guests including everything for 18,000€ 

A 4* hotel for 40 guests including everything for 9,000€ 

So, although getting married in Spain isnt cheap, I promise it will be worth every last cent. 



  1. says

    I will agree, it’s worth every penny!

    There are certainly some things that I could have got cheaper in the UK and some things were quite frightening what Spanish suppliers wanted for them, but and it’s a big but, my venue, dining on the terrace, drinks by the pool, whitewashed churches, quaint flower lined back streets, sun shining and everyone so so relaxed and having fun on their holidays was priceless!

    I would pay it all again in a flash.

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