Civil ceremonies in Spain

I get lots of couples wanting a civil ceremony in Spain, at the moment this isnt possible due to residency requirements in Spain. The only way of having a civil ceremony in Spain is by having a church wedding. A church wedding isnt for everybody, especially for those that arent catholic. So, an alternative is Gibraltar.  Gibraltar is very close to the Marbella area and I would highly recommend the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar for the civil ceremony.   I recently had a wedding where the couple were from the UK, and couldnt have a church wedding, so they decided to have a civil ceremony in Gibraltar on the Monday, and have their blessing on the Saturday.

The civil ceremony in Gibraltar was really sweet and intimimate. Only the bride and groom, the brides parents and myself attended. I was there as a friend/photographer/wedding planner.

The bride and groom were quite adamant that they didnt want a fuss on the Monday as their real wedding would be on the Saturday. So it was minimal fuss (some people turn up in shorts and flips flops) but this bride wore a nice short white dress and even picked some flowers from a tree for her bouquet.

I felt very priviledged to be there :)  

Saturday came, and this was the wedding day. I woke up to a very overcast day but it cleared up a bit for the ceremony. This was actually a god send as it was an outdoor ceremony and guests were really comfortable not sitting in the sun. 

The wedding was held at La Viñuela hotel. I have to say this hotel are really easy to work with. They were very professional and the service was amazing. The only downfall at this hotel is that you have to have your meal inside. Although this didnt seem to bother any of the guests; they were glad to get into a air conditioned room :) I would definately recommend La Vinuela hotel. 

Thanks to Becky Sharpe for her photography, Jane Briggs Harrison for hair and Lorraine from Princess Bride for makeup. 

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