Vintage wedding in Benahavis

As I sit here in the cold with a cup of tea, (yes it gets cold in Marbella too!) looking over Maressa and Stephens wedding photos its really warming my cockles. It was a beautiful sunny day in June when this sweet couple from Cork got married in Benahavis park followed by their reception at Gran Hotel Benahavis.
The setting for this wedding suited Maressa´s vintage themed wedding to a tee.  Maressa provided wooden hanging hearts as an alternative to a table plan which also doubled up as a favour for guests to keep.
This couple wanted to release sky lanterns during their drinks reception which is a definite no no in the mountains because of the fire risks, so they opted for the second best thing and guests were each given  a red balloon to release. From bunting, to vintage book centrepieces to the cake, this wedding oozed vintage.
I have seen lots of stunning wedding dresses this year, but Maressa´s wedding dress was my personal favourite this year :) No offence anyone!! They were all beautiful!!
Thanks to Kris McGuirk for capturing the day so well and Gorgeous Event Decoration for making it look just like the couple wanted.

Why hire a wedding planner in Spain?

Im back!! Wedding season 2013 has now finished for me and I cant believe I havent blogged since July. It has been a whirlwind of a season for me, but a huge success. I honestly feel blessed for having met some amazing and genuine people. I have worked VERY hard and shared tears and laughter with my lovely couples. It has been a real honour for me to have been a small part of ALL your wedding days :)
Today I thought I would share Stephanie and Richards wedding with you.  The organisation of this wedding in Marbella was plain sailing and Stephanie and Richard were a really sweet and young couple from Ireland who were a joy to be round. I really felt like a real Mother Hen with this couple :)  I say plain sailing  – that was until a week before the wedding – when I received a call from the hotel  (I wont go into the ins and outs) but I received a hotel from the hotel basically saying they had double booked the wedding date. This call came to me on a Friday afternoon and what did I do?, the true professional that I am? I cried my eyes out and called my Mum!  Every wedding I help with, I put my heart and soul into, so to say I was devastated for the couple was an understatement. Once I pulled myself together, I drove to the venue and cried some more with the Event Manager, who I have to say, was almost in tears too. This was clearly a decision made by the Hotel´s Top bosses and the underdogs were all upset about the situation. The hotel had “kindly” found me some alternative venues which were available for our date. This made me even angrier!
Anyway, long story short, dont ask me how – but I managed to turn the situation round and get the hotel to give us the penthouse of their fabulous hotel to celebrate Stephanie and Richards wedding. This was a one off, and weddings are not permitted in their penthouse, so Stephanie and Richard´s wedding was unique and never to be repeated.  Dont get me wrong, Im sure the couple would have sorted something out, but this is a prime example of why people should hire wedding planners when they are getting married abroad. Couples and their families invest so much time and money into a wedding, a wedding planners fee should also be seen as an investment for couples in making sure they achieve the wedding day they dream of. Couples who want to get married abroad, should always have a planner based in the country they are getting married in.
I do need to clarify though,  although the hotel caused a massive problem for us, they COMPLETELY redeemed themselves. The Wedding was absolutely amazeballs and they made it up to Stephanie and Richard in many other ways. The service and staff on the day couldnt do enough! The end result was that the couple and their families were all extremely happy after the initial shock.
Anyway, I shall let the photos speak for themselves. Thanks to Alan Magner from Ireland for capturing the day so well. x

Sea Shell Themed Wedding

Ok, so the weather is officially crazy. At the moment, it is hotter in the UK and Ireland than it is in Spain!?!? Hello? 

Generally the weather in Spain in May is good, but this year, Mother Nature almost gave me a breakdown. May saw a busy month for me, and unfortunately 2 of my weddings were effected by the rain and threatened most of the others! The funny thing is, I think I was more upset about the rain than the couples were. They were obviously clouded (no pun intended) by love bubbles and didnt care :) 

A prime example is the lovely Suzanne and Niall who got married in the Encaranacion church in Marbella Old Town and had their reception at The Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella. This gorgeous couple had planned to eat outside but had to be moved to a covered area because it started to rain :( I felt like crying, but Suzanne and Niall didnt have a care in the world. They were just delighted to be married and amongst their family and friends. 

I clearly remember Suzanne coming up to me as the rain was lashing down and said “I still really want my beach photos taken though” I laughed thinking she was joking, but oh no she was serious. She got her beach shots, and this resulted in the dirtiest wedding dress I have ever seen! Fair play to her though, Im pleased she still had them taken, but I know most brides would never have gone down to the beach in the rain LOL 

Thanks to Kris McGuirk for not letting the weather effect Suzanne and Niall´s wedding photos. I know you had to work EXTRA hard. x

Weddings in Spain

Corrine and Neil were married in Spain in May. They had their ceremony in the Encarnacion Church in Marbella and had their reception in Gran Hotel Benahavis. 

Corrine is a wedding photographer based in Ireland and she was quiet clear that she wanted a no fuss wedding. I already felt for the photographer she ended up booking as the pressure for him would have been incredible! Corrine and Neil booked David Toms as their photographer, and all I can say is he worked his hole off all day. The end result was amazing and the couple were VERY happy.  

Corrine was my tomboy bride and on her wedding day, she turned into a beautiful princess. Her and Neil were amazing to work with and very laid back. I might add that when Corrine first called me, she had sent out her save the date cards for 11th May 2013 but hadnt actually booked a venue or church LOL Thats pretty laid back! 

After a few emails and chats, Corrine booked her wedding venue in the charming town of Benahavis. I knew she would love it in the flesh, but it was still a relief when she saw it for the first time and loved it. 

Thanks to everyone involved in making the day run so smoothly :) 

I received this lovely email from Corrine after her wedding: 

So this is a biggggggggggggg and huuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to you, I have been thinking of writing this for ages instead of just writing it, but to be honest words fail me…….. your not only first and foremost a friendly, warm, funny, sound, amazing woman but also extremely professional at what you do which makes you the perfect wedding planner. From the first phone call where you could sense I was ripping my hair out, you de-stressed me, and I think you just have a very calm voice. You put together ideas, and options and then a plan came together!. That plan turned out to be one of the best days ever. Neil and I can’t thank you enough. Our family and friends have had such a memorable experience which you worked so hard to make happen, Thank you so much for everything. Everyone commented on how the day flowed so well, and how everything just seemed to happen so effortlessly, which is all down to you. I really can’t thank you enough. I hope your heads swelling, cause it deserves to! your brilliant. Ok thanks so much again, xxxNeil & Corrine.