Beach wedding in Marbella

Its my first Saturday off since the beginning of January and I could definately get used to this.  I went to watch my son play football this morning, then went to the market, had lunch, cleaned my house and its only 5pm :)  So I thought I would post some photos of Aisling and Jonathans beach wedding. 
I think this wedding is what most couples imagine a wedding in Spain to be like! 
Beach weddings are gorgeous, but I wouldnt recommend them in peak summer months as you might end up with random guys in speedos in your wedding photos LOL 
Aisling and Jonathan´s wedding was in the middle of September 2013 and there wasnt a sausage on the beach. 
I hope you like them xx.

Sea Shell Themed Wedding

Ok, so the weather is officially crazy. At the moment, it is hotter in the UK and Ireland than it is in Spain!?!? Hello? 

Generally the weather in Spain in May is good, but this year, Mother Nature almost gave me a breakdown. May saw a busy month for me, and unfortunately 2 of my weddings were effected by the rain and threatened most of the others! The funny thing is, I think I was more upset about the rain than the couples were. They were obviously clouded (no pun intended) by love bubbles and didnt care :) 

A prime example is the lovely Suzanne and Niall who got married in the Encaranacion church in Marbella Old Town and had their reception at The Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella. This gorgeous couple had planned to eat outside but had to be moved to a covered area because it started to rain :( I felt like crying, but Suzanne and Niall didnt have a care in the world. They were just delighted to be married and amongst their family and friends. 

I clearly remember Suzanne coming up to me as the rain was lashing down and said “I still really want my beach photos taken though” I laughed thinking she was joking, but oh no she was serious. She got her beach shots, and this resulted in the dirtiest wedding dress I have ever seen! Fair play to her though, Im pleased she still had them taken, but I know most brides would never have gone down to the beach in the rain LOL 

Thanks to Kris McGuirk for not letting the weather effect Suzanne and Niall´s wedding photos. I know you had to work EXTRA hard. x