Beach wedding in Spain

It is a year today since Jani and Niels got married so I thought I would dedicate this post to them. Jani and Niels flew their guests from Holland to celebrate their beach wedding in Spain in a stunning beach club in Marbella. Their gorgeous son and daughter stole the show until Jani and Niels performed their perfectly choreographed salsa first dance. Thanks Kris McGuirk for the photos :) Congratulations on your first anniversary Jani and Niels xx   IJ&N490 J&N189 J&N203 J&N304 J&N363 J&N433 J&N166 J&N187 J&N110 J&N121 J&N141 J&N163 J&N164 J&N046 J&N061 J&N076 J&N106 J&N108 J&N010 J&N026 J&N033 J&N038


  1. Lorraine YOUNG says

    Hi, I love jani wedding in Spain?.. How much for a wedding like this?. Where in Spain is it?.. Is the restaurant out doors ?… Thank you

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