The Decisive Bride

There are quite a few types of brides, but Jodie was definitely a decisive bride. In fact she was the most decisive bride I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Jodie decided she was going to get married in Spain, and when she first got in touch with me she had already decided on a wedding date and venue without having seen it first.  Within our first few emails she had already decided on her entertainment, colour scheme, flowers and menu and that was before even having come to Spain. On her first meeting with her photographer she already had her formal shot list to give him. When she met her videographer – she had a list of music for him to add to her DVD. What a joy! Jodie made my job so easy that at times I would look at her file thinking “this isn’t right – everything is done. I must be missing something” haha

There is a lot of pressure involved in my job. You get one chance to make the day perfect for couples that have invested so much money and time into planning their wedding. Given that Jodie and her family have a wedding venue in Scotland – I felt the pressure even more as I so wanted to do Jodie and Mark proud.

Check out Jodie and Marks photos below. Believe it or not, this wedding was on the first day of Autumn :)

Jodie, thank you so much for being you. xx

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Marbella Wedding

Well, I spend most my year saying “I cant wait for December” and here it is. My inbox is under control, I dont feel constantly stressed and I actually have the time to make a volcano project with my youngest. Ahhhhhhh bliss.

Apart from Christmas, now is the time to go through all the beautiful images photographers have sent me.

Its been a tough year – this year a few venues have tried my patience to the limit and given me major headaches and stress balls. Im a person that likes things black or white, so when venues change the goalposts, couples look to me for solutions.  Looking at Claire and Nick´s photos, they look so happy and at ease – yet that wasnt the case 4 months before their wedding. Claire and Nick booked a beachfront restaurant almost 2 years before their wedding. That restaurant changed ownership and the new management changed their wedding conditions, which I know affected many couples out there.

Long story short, Claire and Nick couldnt come to Spain again to look at other venues, so after several skype chats and a visit to Spain by Claire´s Mum and Dad, they decided on a stunning restaurant with NO seaviews. Im a big believer of things happen for a reason, and the original venue being cancelled meant Claire and Nick had an even MORE amazing setting, food and service. I might also add that Claire and Nick´s daughter is called Bella, so I think that connected us too!

Claire and Nick´s original Marbella wedding ended up being the opposite  – they had their wedding ceremony in Benahavis Church and then treated their guests to a 5 star meal at a restaurant in Marbella.

Congratulations Claire and Nick xx

Thanks David Toms for the amazing photos!

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Beach wedding in Spain

It is a year today since Jani and Niels got married so I thought I would dedicate this post to them. Jani and Niels flew their guests from Holland to celebrate their beach wedding in Spain in a stunning beach club in Marbella. Their gorgeous son and daughter stole the show until Jani and Niels performed their perfectly choreographed salsa first dance. Thanks Kris McGuirk for the photos :) Congratulations on your first anniversary Jani and Niels xx   IJ&N490 J&N189 J&N203 J&N304 J&N363 J&N433 J&N166 J&N187 J&N110 J&N121 J&N141 J&N163 J&N164 J&N046 J&N061 J&N076 J&N106 J&N108 J&N010 J&N026 J&N033 J&N038

Wedding in Spain

Erin and Andre first contacted me what feels like an eternity ago. They came to Spain to look at potential wedding venues in and around Marbella and managed to narrow it down to two venues. They found it very hard to pick between a popular beachfront restaurant, which is what most couples think they want when they think of a wedding in Spain, and a completely contrasting secret garden venue in Marbella. After various Skype calls and emails, they most definitely made the right decision and choose a beautiful and enchanting restaurant in the heart of Marbella and a catholic church wedding in Encarnacion Church in Marbella Old Town. It turned out that the beachfront restaurant they almost booked turned out to be a complete nightmare in the year leading up to Erin and Andre’s wedding and they had a narrow escape!!

Erin has to be one of the easiest brides I have dealt with. Secretly, given the time it took for them to decide on a venue, I thought she would find it hard to make decisions on all aspects of her wedding, but she proved me oh so wrong. She made her decisions (I say she, but Im sure Andre had some input lol) and stuck to them throughout the whole process.

Erin, a natural organiser, made my job as a wedding planner extremely easy :) It was important for her to put her own personal stamp on her wedding and she made her own table plan and place cards. She brought out lots of small decorative details from Ireland, and for me, the small details make a wedding special.

Although Erin and Andre’s wedding was in Marbella, they brought a bit of Ireland to their wedding in Spain by way of Sean Murphy their wedding singer and our local Irish DJ Joey, not to forget the Barry’s tea.

Thank you so much to the talented David Toms for taking such amazing photos.

Mr and Mrs Tully, it was an absolute pleasure working with you.



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Rural Spanish wedding

I like to think I build up a good relationship with all my clients. The majority Im still in touch with which is a good sign. Sometimes though, I think people are put into our life for a reason. This is what happened with Daniel and Charlotte, or Laurel and Hardy as I secretly think of them as.

“ We would like to get married in La Rioja” was the first email I received from Mr Clackett almost 2 years ago. “Sorry, I only work in the Malaga region” was my reply . “What have you got for us then?” Was Daniel´s reply. And this was the start of a relationship that turned into friendship that I hope will last a very long time.

Dan and Char as their friends know them (yep me included) had their wedding in Spain in April of this year in Costa del Sol´s equivilent of La Rioja – a rural boutique hotel in the mountains of Gaucin, far away from the tourists and sea but many many miles away from La Rioja!

Charlotte and Dan were, and still are an inspiration to me personally. They are the epiphany of what soul mates are. Not only were they in love, they were completely in sinc and bloody hilarious at the same time. My stomach ached when I was around them from lauging so hard. I would have paid money to see these two in action. Looking at their wedding photos reminded me of how happy this man and woman were and still are.

Laughing aside, when Charlotte declared Dan cries at Masterchef, I knew the wedding day was going to be emotional. And emotional it certainly was. The only dry eyes in the house were the minister´s, Kevin Williams . How he kept it together I have no idea – I think he must be made of stone .  I did not shed a silent tear, but sobbed my heart out instead.

Char and Dan are the most generous and sensitive people I have met in a long time. They will always have a special place in my heart. They gave their guests (and me) memories that will last a life time.  On a cold winter night in Marbella, looking at their photos has warmed me up.

Thanks to the suppliers involved at this wedding and thanks to David Toms for capturing the day so well.  The day was full of emotions and David managed to get that in his photos.

Mr and Mrs Clackett – I love you, but I have a confession, I accidentally smashed the “I love spreadsheets” mug you gave me :( DOH

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REF_0632 REF_0541

Sneek Peek of Symone and Barry´s wedding :)

The fact that Symone and Barry were a stunning couple having their wedding in a stunning venue, I knew their photos would be awesome, but adding this amazing photographer into the mix WOW Nani Del Perez is AMAZING! I cant wait to see all the photos! Massive congratulations to the gorgeous Symone and Barry xx

SYMONE & BARRY0113 baja-1 SYMONE & BARRY0029baja-1 SYMONE & BARRY0336 baja SYMONE & BARRY0353 baja SYMONE & BARRY0355 baja SYMONE & BARRY0361baja SYMONE & BARRY0383 baja SYMONE & BARRY0406baja SYMONE & BARRY0427baja SYMONE & BARRY0620baja SYMONE & BARRY0627baja SYMONE & BARRY0641 baja

Gay Wedding in Spain



Back in 2012, I was contacted by Brian and Phil to help them organise their gay wedding in Spain. I have to say I was very excited at the propect of having a gay wedding as it would be my first, although 2014 seemed an eternity away!

Brian and Phil came out to view potential wedding venues in Spain, but I knew finding them their ideal venue would be tough as their idea of a perfect venue was a french castle in France LOL Where was I going to find a french castle in Spain?!? It actually took 2 trips to Spain before they found their dream venue which was a very spanish rural hotel in Gaucin. It suited them perfectly.

The last 2 years flew by and on 21st June 2014 Brian and Phil tied the knot infront of their friends and family.

Guests were treated to neon coloured sunglasses in their wedding colours of fucshia, orange and yellow, Atunes singers during the drinks reception and a major party after dinner.

Brian and Phil will always have a special place in my heart. Congratulations boys :) xx

A massive thanks to Kris McGuirk for capturing these beautiful images.


B&P284 B&P286 B&P300 B&P313 B&P349 B&P282 B&P283 B&P285 B&P167 B&P178 B&P227 B&P233 B&P082 B&P094 B&P148 B&P155 B&P156 B&P157


Indian wedding in Marbella


Well 2014 wedding season is in full swing now and between weddings, client meetings and my kids, I dont have time to go to the loo let alone blog :(

It feels like at least a year ago, but it was only 2 months ago that Anjum and Spencer celebrated their Indian wedding in Marbella. The location for their wedding was a private luxury villa on the outskirts of Marbella and their guests were treated to authentic Indian food for their reception.

Anjum looked absolutely amazing in her Indian saree which had thousands of diamontes on and she lierally twinked as she walked down the aisle to her handsome husband Spencer :) Anjum changed into a traditional wedding dress for the evening and she looked just as beautiful. For me, what made Anjum even more amazing is that she truely didnt know how beautiful she was!

It was my first time working with Jeremy Standley and Ruth and it was so nice and easy to work with them. Thanks so much Jeremy and Ruth for these amazing photos :)

Thanks also to Lyndsey Cavanagh and Vera for making Anjum look amazeballs.

And of course to my partner in wedding crime Gorgeous Event Decoration Michelle for making this pretty in pink wedding look gorgeous. Not forgetting Karen  from Deseos for the BEAUTIFUL bridal flowers and arch.


A very Spanish Irish Wedding

Dont get me wrong, I love all sorts of wedding themes and decoration – vintage, bling, beach themes, pretty in pink….. but there is nothing I like more than a Spanish themed wedding. How cool that you bring your guests to Spain and give them a taste of REAL Spain. This is exactly what Deirdre and Connor did last September. Dee and Connor had a hard time finding a venue that ticked all the boxes for them, but when I took them to a Cortijo near Marbella, they knew they had their venue.

Their guests were treated to spanish “gypsy king” style gutairists during their drinks reception, a surprise horse show, flamenco show (which I personally always look forward to watching), cigar bar, sunglasses, band, great food, lots of drink and sunshine! Ahhh perfect……. x

Blessing Ceremonies in Spain

Every wedding season is always very different. This year the season started alot earlier in the year.  Last year, La Encarnacion Church in Marbella Old Town was my second home, and this year the trend seems to be swaying away from church weddings.  This season, I only have a hand full of church weddings and the majority of couples have opted for a blessing ceremony at the venue.
Logistically, blessings are much easier for me as guests are all in the same venue all day and I dont have to try and prize drinks out of guests hands outside the church and bribe them to get on the bus. I have to admit that I have had to lie and tell some guests there were drinks waiting for them on the coach to get them to move LOL
With blessing ceremonies, there are no restrictions on timings and what kind of music you can have during the ceremony like you would have in a church either!  You can include different elements to a blessing ceremony like a sand ceremony, where there are two glass containers each containing a different coloured sand that is poured by the bride and groom into another glass container. The mixing of the sands signifies “two becoming one” as the grains of sand can never be separated.
Its also makes a lovely photo to have your wedding outside :)