Are my expectations of Suppliers too high?

Yesterday I met with a very excited bride who is planning her wedding for later this year. It was the first time I had met her, and we had a busy day ahead of us with 6 venues to view. Her and her HTB both work on boats and are out at sea for many months of the year, so one of the venues was in the heart of the illustrious Puerto Banus which is know for its top quality shops and restaurants and luxury yachts. (What I mean is that its VERY expensive.) Anyway, this venue (which I wont name for obvious reasons) would have been perfect of this bride as it has views onto the sea and is very nautical which would really suit this couple´s lifestyle. 
We arrived at out appointment 10 minutes late, and the banqueting manager hadn’t arrived yet. Not a good start, but ha-ho. The young Banqueting Manager who oozed Marbella arrived 15 minutes after our scheduled appointment. Instead of apologising for her bad time keeping, she proceeded to sit at another table with a man and have a meeting with him instead!
In the meantime we ordered a coffee whilst waiting and the bride was served her Mint tea in a chipped saucer. When the Stunning Banqueting Manager finally graced us with her presence and joined us for “our” meeting it just got worse! 
The bride lives in Spain so does speak some Spanish, but this young lady didn’t know this and proceeded to just speak to me in Spanish and not to the bride at all. I wouldn’t mind but she spoke English!  I couldn’t tell you if she gave either of us any eye contact, as she kept her sunglasses on throughout the entire meeting. Now, is it me and my old school values, but isn’t it imperative that the bride feel like royalty as potentially she was going to spend a lot of money in this venue for her wedding. I don’t expect them to put out the red carpet for potential clients, but some degree (in my opinion anyway) of arse licking is essential!! 
It was like something out of a comedy sketch. She was rude and abrupt, and I thought somebody was going to jump out and say “HA only joking”. 
The bride and I didn’t need to saying anything to each other as we both knew this wasn’t going to be her wedding venue. When we stood up to leave, the bride told the BM that her saucer was chipped to which she received a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh!!
Maybe its me, but I cant stand this type of service. It really really grates me. 


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    It’s true that the bride should be treated like a princess. But also, the venue needs a reality check as they should be treating all their potential customers with more courtesy and respect. There is so much great competition around these days, they can’t be so lapse in their treatment of customers. Rob DJ has venues he won’t work at because of the way they treat the couple and their guests, nevermind the way they treat fellow suppliers. Name and shame!

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    I totally agree with what you are saying and No I don´t think your expectations are too high. If you are spending money with somebody be that at lot or a little it is still your hard earned cash and a little customer service doesn´t cost anything. I being an English ex-pat find that when dealing with Spanish Women they treat you badly although Spanish Men do treat you with more respect (although I do think this is a culture thing). I think maybe the manager of the above establishment should be made aware of your meeting, as at the end of the day he/she just lost at lot of money!!!!

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    Hiya Lisa

    I also agree with the last two comments!!! Being a wedding supplier I treat potential clients with the utmost respect and I do whatever I can to please them and keep them smiling! At the end of the day I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for my clients

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