I cant believe I havent blogged since December! How very poor of me. I just dont know where the time has gone!! Oh yeah, I remember – organising weddings, meeting clients, viewing trips, menu tastings, being a mum, dad and a taxi driver to the kids! 

I wanted to share Aoife and Peter´s wedding with you today. They were (and still are) such a sweet and gentle couple, and a real pleasure to work with. In fact all of there wedding guests were a lovely crowd. 

When I took Aoife and Peter on their viewing trip, I was really excited that they fell in love with a venue that I LOVED too but hadnt had a wedding in yet. Secretly, I had my fingers crossed that they would choose this venue, and they did! 

The wedding venue was a spanish cortijo with lots of caracter and bright colors. It was perfect for Aoife and Peter´s Irish Spanish wedding in Spain.  Aoife had lived in Spain before so it was fitting for her to have a spanish wedding, and this she did. 

It was also very fitting that their color scheme was red. I love bold colors for weddings!

Thank you to everybody involved in this wedding: Paco Montagut for videography (who may I add was given less than 24 hours notice to come to this wedding – the couple had a last minute change of heart as they werent originally planning on getting a videographer) , Arran Harding, Monkey Tennis, DJ Joey, all the staff at the Cortijo for the brilliant service and amazing food, and of course Kris McGurk for the photography. 

It goes without saying that without you all, this wedding would not have been such a success. 

I hope you have an amazing life together Aoife and Peter. xx

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